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Imagine living a life of fulfillment and satisfaction

    Whether you are a full time parent, student, athlete or a professional who wants to breakthrough your limitations and move beyond where you are now. You know that you are not living a life that you are capable of and that you deserve.  

    The time is now to take action and turn your life around today. 

Fulfillment happens when you

   1) Create your vision 

   2) Taking consistent daily action on your vision

   3) Enjoying the journey of fulfillment along the way

"Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that allows you to connect with the powerful, imaginative and feeling part of you.  During the hypnosis process you are actually ultra-aware like daydreaming. 

                                                                                                                                       - Chris Villani

 Success Programs: Design your life on purpose

Stop Smoking / Dipping

Sports Performance

Weight Loss

Health / Pain Control

Teeth Grinding / Dental Fear / Dental Anxiety

Stress Relief / Anxiety Management

Public Speaking / Stage Fright

Test Taking / Memory Recall


                                          Self Hypnosis

Mindfulness Meditation

Pre Surgery & Post Surgery Recovery 

Academic & Study Improvement

Sales / Career

Fears / Phobias

Confidence / Self Esteem

Insomnia / Restless Sleep

Chris Villani

Peak Performance Coach and Certified Professional Hypnotist

Chris Villani


    Chris Villani's passion for helping others to breakthrough their limitations  and become the person they were designed to be has been a lifelong mission. Today Chris helps others to reprogram their mind for success and turn their dreams into reality.


    "Giving people freedom of choice to grow and become the person they were designed to be is a gift that should be shared with everyone."

                                            - Chris Villani C.P.H.

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